Bank Reconciliation in Odoo

Bank Reconciliation is one of the most important procedures that has to be done in a business, in order to ensure that t

Merge Shipment from Multiple Purchase Orders in Odoo

In Some situations, we may face some kind of purchases like PO001 and PO002 partially come as a single shipment and we f

HR, Payroll and Leave Management Module in odoo

HR, Payroll and Leave Management in odoo Odoo Human Resource manage

Google Map Integration In Odoo

Google Map Odoo Integration Google maps have multiple use but one of the main use is to find
By Prajul

Multiple Payment Registration with Odoo

There are some instances, where multiple payments for a single transaction has to be reg

Asset Management in Odoo

Odoo - Asset Management is a solution provided for managing the assets (which are purcha

Enhanced Post Dated Cheque Management

Changes brought in PDC module: In earlier pdc module, when a payment is regi

Serial Line Numbering Module In Odoo

Serial Line Numbering Serial Line Numbering module is used for numbering the product lines in invoice, purchas
By Dinsha

Generate Recurring Jounral Entries in Odoo

Generate Recurring Journal Entries in Odoo module is used to provide the recurring journ

Device Monitoring Module in Odoo

This module is used to Provide Device Monitoring Feature in Tasks & Projects. In ord

Automatic Upcoming Payable Report

The Zesty Labs team have developed a  Automatic Upcoming Payable Report to the Account

Delivery Tracking Module | Odoo

  Delivery Tracking Procedures   Delivery Tracking Procedures includ
By Anju K

Human Resource Management Solution Through Odoo

  The wave of technological advancement is being the  revolution each and every space of life today. The Human
By Anju K

Customized Product Costing Module in Odoo

Product We can see the field Costing method in product form view as shown in the below screen

Odoo Security: How safe is your data in Odoo?

In today’s world cybersecurity is a very important issue for individuals and businesses. Multiple attacks by hackers h

TradeLite ERP: A Solution for Trading Companies in the UAE

General trading companies in the UAE have been growing in number since the time of their


In the auditing profession, there is a constant need for managing the entire process in an efficient and effective way.

Kleanz: A Complete ERP Solution for Laundries in UAE

Laundry services is one of the most challenging businesses to venture in a countr