Month: November 2017

Multiple Currencies in Odoo POS

Hi All, Today we are going to explain about a functionality that we have been added to the POS. How to handle M

Weigh bridge Integration with Odoo ERP

Hi Everyone, Today we are going to explain an interesting feature which  is Weigh bridge Integration in Odoo

Job KPI with Aging Analysis In Odoo

It is essential to have a mechanism to track the Age of Jobs in an Organization based on Multiple Parameters. We have de

Job Management Through Odoo

Job Management Through Odoo Job management module is used for managing
By Dinsha

Batch Ordering Using Product Variants in Odoo

This functionality will enhance batch ordering by allowing users to add multiple var

Boxing & Unboxing of Bundle Product in Odoo

It is necessary to have a functionality of boxing and unboxing of bundle product in business operations where some goods